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Part three of a comprehensive listing of all silent movies that are considered fantasy or science fiction and available in some form on YouTube. For details, see the Introduction on Silent F&SF Movies on YouTube 1895-1906. Click here for 1895-1906. Click here for 1907-1913. Click here for 1920-1929.



d       director

p       producer

s       screenwriter

c       cinematographer

se     special effects

lp      leading players

co-    in collaboration



Der Golem (the Golem), also The Monster of Fate



d Heinrich (Henrik) Galeen

co-s Heinrich (Henrik) Galeen and Paul Wegener

c Guideo Seeber

lp Paul Wegener, Lyda Samonova, Carl Ebert, Jacob Tiedtke, Rudolf Bluemner


Note: fragment

His Prehistoric Past



d/s Charlie Chaplin

lp Charlie Chaplin, Mark Swain, Gene Marsh, Fritz Schade, Al St. John, Frank D. Williams, Cecile Arnold, Hank Mann, Alice Howell


Note: parody of The Primitive Man (1913)


Hoffmanns Erzählungen (The Tales of Hoffman)



d/p Richard Oswald

co-s Richard Oswald and Fritz Friedmann-Frederich

c Ernst Krohn

lp Werner Krauss, Lupu Pick, Rely Ridon, Friedrich Keuhne, Kurt Wolowsky, Erich Kaiser-Titz, Alice Scheel-Hechy, Thea Sandten, Louis Neher, Ernst Ludwig


Note: based on the The Tales of Hoffmann, Offenbach's opera adaptation of stories by E. T. A. Hoffmann, in particular "The Sandman"




d Otto Rupurt

s Robert Reinert

c Carl Hoffman

lp Olaf Foenss, Friedrich Keuhne, Ernst Ludwig, Albert Paul, Lore Rueckert, Max Ruhbeck, Lia Borre, Ernst Benzinger, Margarete Ferida, Ilse Lersen


Note: Originally produced in six chapters, each over an hour long, with a run time of 401 minutes; condensed to three parts totalling 275 minutes in 1920; this fragment is the longest available

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea



d Stuart Paton

p Carl Laemmle

c Eugene (Tony) Gaudio

lp Allen Holubar, June Gail, Matt Moore, William Welsh, Lois Alexander, Dan Hamlon, Edna Pendleton, Curtis Benton, Howard Crampton, Wallace Clark


Note: based on the Jules Verne novel

Verdens Undergang (The End of the World)



d August Blom

p Ole Olsen

S Otto Rung

c Axel Graatkjaer

lp Olaf Foenss, Ebba Thomsen, Carl Lauritzen, Johanne Fritz Peters, Frederik Jacobsen, Alf Bleutecher, Thorleif Lund

Note: English intertitles


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.










A Clever Dummy



co-d Herman C. Raymaker, Ferris Hartman, and Robert P. Kerr

s/p Mack Sennett

lp Ben Turpin, Chester Conklin, Wallace Beery, Juanita Hansen, Claire Anderson, James Donnelly, James Delano

The Dinosaur and the Missing link, A prehistoric tragedy, also The Dinosaur and the Baboon



d/se Willis O'Brien

p Edison Film Company

Note: stop-motion animation; IMDb gives it as 1915


The Ghost of Slumber Mountain



p Herbert W. Dawley

d Herbert W. Dawley

se Willis O'Brien and Herbert W. Dawley

lp Willis O'Brien, Herbert W. Dawley

Note: stop-motion animation with live actors; Strickland/Ackerman give it as 1919

Himmelskibet  (A Trip to Mars), also The Airship, The Sky Ship, 400 Million Miles from the Earth



p Ole Olsen

d Holger-Madsen

co-s Sophus Michaëlis and Ole Olsen

c Louis Larsen

lp Nicolai Neiiendam, Gunnar Tolnæs, Zanny Petersen, Alf Blütecher, Frederik Jacobsen, Svend Kornbeck, Birger von Cotta-Schønberg, harold Mortensen, Lilly Jacobsen, Nils Asther

Note: Hardy gives the date as 1917; Michaëlis novelized the movie as Himmelskibet in 1921; English intertitles

The House of Hate


25:02; 17:20; 13:51

p Astra Films and Louis J. Gasnier

d George Brackett Seitz

s Bertram Milhauser

lp Pearl White, Antonio Moreno, Paul Clerget, J. H. Gilmour, John Webb Dillion, Peggy Shaner

Note: 20 episode serial; only episodes 1-3 appear to be available


Die Spinnen (The Spiders)

1:12:51 (part 2 only)

d/s Fritz Lang

p Erich Pommer

c part 1 - Emil Schuemann; part 2 - Karl Freund

lp Carl de Vogt, Ressel Orla, Paul Morgen, Lil Dagover, Friedrich Keuhne, George John, Paul Biensfeldt, Rudolf Lettinger, Edgar Pauly, Meinhardt Maur

Note: Made in two parts, Der Goldene See (The Golden Sea) and Das Brillianten Schiff (The Diamond Ship); English intertitles

Unheimliche Geschichten (Tales of the Uncanny), also Eerie Tales


d/p Richard Oswald

co-s Richard Oswald and Robert Liebmann

c Carl Hoffman

lp Nita Berber, Reinhold Schünzel, Conrad Veidt, Hugo Döblin, Paul Morgan,  Georg John

Note: Originally an anthology consisting of five separate stories - this frament is an adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson's "The Suicide Club"

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